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I seem to only be updating my blog when I am very low on sleep. This… - :: stranger than your sympathy :: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 22nd, 2007|06:15 pm]
I seem to only be updating my blog when I am very low on sleep. This does not represent my mental health in a very good light.

Right, well. I have screwed myself over once again by not doing things I really should have been doing, like history homework or my Stanford and USC applications. :: nodnod :: What have I been doing instead you ask?

1. Drawing.
Drawing eyes more specifically. It's a fun way to show emotion and they look so good. Thus far I've used pencil, pen, and charcoal to do this and I have to say ball point pen is the most fun.

2. Interneting.
IRC, livejournal, deviantart. It's all bad for me. I should learn a little self control.

3. Movies
I suppose this is vaguely related to interneting, seeing as the last movie I watched was an illegally downloaded copy of Kronk's New Groove in Russian. Every single character in that thing dresses in drag. It made me happy.

4. Pining
Yes, it is pining time again. Must be something to do with the holidays. Hum hum.

Well, I best be off. I have a cloning project to do and and no poster board to do it with. Happy tuesday!